Speaking Engagements

Aaron has been traveling across the United States to various universities, gyms, and groups to share his story and motivate people of all ages to make the most of every moment. 

Some of his most recent speaking engagements include: Delta Gamma, Pi Kappa Phi, Pepperdine, University of Mississippi, Loyola University (New Orleans), Gettysburg College, University of California Riverside, DePaul University, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, and Fordham University


Learn about ways to overcome adversity and reach your full leadership potential.


Become inspired to find your calling and passion in the work you do now and in the future.

Physical Wellness

Discover how pushing yourself to your limits will help you achieve your full potential.

Natasha Sauerborn, Fordham University

“Asking for help has always been a weakness of mine, but Aaron’s talk really helped me realize that it is okay, in fact really admirable, to be able to put aside one’s own ego and ask others for help. “

Leadership Development

Developing leaders among students, staff, and management is critical to an organizations success. Aaron is available to create a custom leadership development curriculum weaved throughout his personal story of for your group to experience.

Ability Ally

Staff groups working on the front lines with students, customers, and patrons should have the knowledge on how to include communities with disabilities. Learn how to be an ally for social justice as it relates to groups with varying abilities.

Fostering Inclusive Communities

It is important to create accessible spaces for all communities that we may interact with during our work. Learn tangible ways to foster inclusive communities among your group.