I believe in the power and tenacity of the human spirit. Through my own experiences, and being witness to others struggles and successes, I believe we are all on a hike on a trail called Life. Each person’s trail is unique, and the difficulty of one’s experience, can only be determined by the traveler. I know that while on your journey there will be beautiful landscapes and mountains you will summit. There will also be valleys and nights spent outside, in the rain, with no sleeping bag. Because this excursion offers no trail guide, we are often scared, sad, and confused when the unforeseen obstacles present themselves. But the strength and courage one employs to overcome a barrier, often results in a deeper appreciation and understanding of life.

As Lou Holz once said, “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” I have made the decision to live this statement out in my everyday life.  Despite my  unthinkable obstacles, I continue to live an adventurous and fulfilling life. Not too long after losing my vision, my attitude regarding this alteration in my life began to change. What once embarrassed me, and was a cause of frustration, transformed into a source of pride. I refuse to be limited by my circumstances, and, believe you can too.

My trail is unique to me, just as your journey is unique to you. My hope is to have something I write, say, or do resonate with you and positively affect your life.