Kappa Delta Chapter, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Aaron’s story is really inspiring and has taught me that even in tough situations perseverance will help you achieve. He is just three years older than I am and because of this I look at him as an example to follow. His confidence is so motivating and I hope that I can be impactful in life as he is. Aaron’s respect towards the Greek community on the Virginia Tech campus is clear and is a large reason why the respect he gives us is reciprocated back to him.
-Jamie Ramirez, Kappa Delta, class of 2017

I appreciated the honesty that Aaron shared with us during the talk he gave to our chapter about his life journey and how he came to this point in his career. He was extremely relatable and engaging to listen to.
-Ali Marhefka, Kappa Delta, class of 2018

He gave me a glimpse of something that was bigger than myself!
-Natalie Savino, Kappa Delta, class of 2018

His story was incredibly inspiring and encouraged the members of our chapter to pursue our goals no matter what comes in our way.
-Taylor Newman, Kappa Delta, class of 2018

Aaron’s story was very inspiring to not only me but my entire chapter as well. We all learned how lucky we all are and how we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. I loved hearing Aaron speak, he is an inspiration to us all!
-Katherine Dunwoody, Kappa Delta, class of 2018

Hearing the challenges that Aron has been forced to overcome through his experiences, alongside his knowledge and advice about leadership, helped me to view situations that I may encounter with a new perspective.
-Erin Ring, Kappa Delta, class of 2018